How will I know when I need a new roof?

By performing a visual inspection you can tell if a roof is worn, peeling, cracked, old and most obviously leaking. If leaking is occurring but not yet noticeable, sometimes stains will appear on ceilings, indicating a roof leak.

How will I know if I need a new roof or just a repair?

If your roof looks in good shape, it can probably be repaired. If your roof is past its life expectancy and is obviously on its last leg. then you probably need a completely new roof.

Shake or wood shingle roofs rule of thumb last 20 to 25 years.
Composition shingles Three tab from 12 to 20 years.
Cap sheet roofs hot mop, torch down or cold application 8 to 12 years.
Rock roofs 12 to 15 years.

These are all rule of thumb. I have seen Shake roofs go 30 + years and also some at 12 years were worn out. I once saw a 5 year old wood shingle roof need to be replaced due to foot traffic.

How much does it cost for a new roof? 

An asphalt shingle over an asphalt shingle roof bottom of the line costs from $1,200.00  for a small 3 bedroom home to over $6,000.00 for a Tile roof. Of course all prices depend on Square footage, Pitch of roof, Accessibility, one or two story, type of roofing material, removal of old roof (s), weather or not it needs to be resheeted, sheet metal if any, roof permit and city lic. These are all contributing factors to a roof price.

What are static vents/ridge vents and do I need ventilation?

We have found that poor ventilation causes roofing material to wear out prematurely. It also ruins the wood deck due to condensation. These two products offer an inexpensive way to greatly improve your roof and attic ventilation.

How about drip edge or ice and snow products?

Drip edge and ice and water shield can be very beneficial in certain unique situations, such as lower pitch, no overhangs, multiple slopes or where pitches come together. These products are probably not necessary in many cases. You may have flashing somewhere on your home. Many of the flashings used in a roof application are included in your price – some are optional. Your proposal will normally show these options if they apply to your job.

Can I install a new roof over the existing roof?

Yes ! Providing that there is no more than 1 layer of existing roofs.
Ideally it is better if the roof is removed. The Uniform Building Code states that only 2 layers of roofing material will be allowed on any residence. This now varies by city and county Codes.
There is always the possibility when installing a new roof over the existing roof, that the old roof may carry an uneven look into the new roof.

NYRC replaced our roof in June of 2008 and did an outstanding job! We would recommend them to anyone we know.



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